govino shatterproof reusable recyclable


Skip the Glassware
Pack A Punch
Sunset Magazine - September 2012
Written by Jess Chamberlain,
Photos by Coral Von Zumwal
"When we drink around the fireplace we use plastic wine glasses - pretty ones that won't break," Isabelle says.
Take A Tumbler
March, 2011 - InStyle Magazine
Stemless glasses are all the rage. True, they knock wine off its pedestal, but they're harder to spill, easier to wash, and, if you opt for plastic, nearly impossible to break.
The Off Duty Summer 50
Pack A Punchr
Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition:r
June 9-10, 2012r
by Kevin Sintumuang
The Glassware - Nothing wrong with ye olde Solo cup, but if you want to class it up a bit, get the elegant shatterproof glasses from GoVino shown above.
Govino Flute
May / June, 2011 - Print
Reusable. Shatterproof. Recyclable. Govino is the ultimate go-anywhere wine glass that was originally created as a trade tool to help wine salespeople showcase their wines whenever and wherever proper stemware wasn’t accessible. They would eventually see a bigger need in the consumer market and voila, you have govino. Their latest creation is the govino flute. Made of polymer, bubbly can now be enjoyed anywhere without the worries of breaking glasses.
Life's a Picinic
From Town & Country Magazine,
print June 2010
Edited by Melinda Page
Photographed and styled by Anita Calero
The Summer's Best repasts are those that are taken outdoors. Enhance the experience with the right accessories, and enjoy nature's banquet.
Take A Tumbler
March, 2011 - InStyle Magazine
Shatterproof, reusable, recyclable, and easy on the eyes, a Govino wine glass satisfies your outdoor stemware needs. Sure, it's not actually crystal, but the polymer will sparkle and perform just like it's fancier counterparts. A strategically placed thumb notch helps with grip. Cheers to that!
割れない、何度でも使えて、リサイクル可能、そして見た目も良い。govino のワイングラスはアウトドアで使用出来るグラスとして、脚付きのグラスに代わって大いに活躍してくれる。確かに、クリスタルではないけど、ポリマー素材が輝きを持たせ、よりお洒落なものとして機能している。また持ちやすくするために、親指を入れる切り込みが配慮されている。乾杯!
The Tools - The Glasses
From Details Magazine, print and online March 2010
by Rob Willey
The problem with fine stemware is that it cracks like a lightbulb at the slightest ding. These shatterproof wonders solve that problem with a sturdy polymer composition?while flattering your drink the way crystal does. When they lose their luster, just recycle them and buy more.